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METRO-TV Inc makes
Community TV for showing on C31

UPDATED 16-5-2013

COUNTRY COUSINS is now back on -
MONDAYS AT 9-30 AM !!  

don't miss out on our "CEC REPORT"
shown every Sunday night on C31 at 11-30.

C31's programs are all available on DIGITAL TV - and the 'analog' signal has been discontinued.  Have you tuned your digital TV or set-top box to pick up C31 at channel 44?

Melbourne East Television Regional Organisation Inc.

Email: MetroCTV@yahoo.com.au

Phone: 03-9758-8707

METRO-TV is a community organisation established in 2006 and affiliated since then with Melbourne's community television station - C31.  We were thrilled to achieve full Member status at C31 on 26th November, 2009!

We're an enthusiastic group - small but growing.  Our first program was Lifetime, originally developed by a "Senior Producers' Group" auspiced directly by C31

METRO-TV was formed to keep this program going.  We've now made ten series of Lifetime.

Country Cousins is on for the Winter Season - through till the end of August.

Go to Country Cousins:  http://www.metrotv.org.au/country-c.php

Lifetime returns at the beginning of September.

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We're working to develop more programs, training up a crew keen to offer some great original local children's theatre. We're also keen to develop programs exploring health issues in more depth.

A major feature of our work has been to train people in all aspects of making a TV program - "from go to whoa". 

We started with one Production Team, making Lifetime, but eventually we sub-divided into two Production Teams when we commenced filming our second program, Country Cousins - now screening its tenth series (June / August, 2013).

We have from time to time also produced "one-off" programs, such as The Great Australian Dunny Race in 2008 and Rockn' Suzie's Good Friday Appeal in 2009.  We recently filmed and broadcast Modern Farming - Survive or Thrive? (transferred by C31 to prime time for screening).

For the last year, we've been pleased to be screeening a third weekly program.  This is called The CEC Report and can be seen at 11-30pm on Sundays.  This program provides weekly news analysis from the point of view of the CEC which is an active political party.

As a small TV group, we welcome new members 

The annual subscription fee is $30 which has remained the same since we started.  We also accept supporter or "ordinary" members at $10 a year.  If members wish to move into production work, they'd then make it up to $30 - and we'd be delighted to train them up.

We try to maintain a consensual and encouraging approach to our work. 

What we can achieve depends entirely on members' interests, members' time and also equipment

C31 program planning and scheduling deadlines means that it's not really possible to rush an exciting and innovative idea into reality (although it is possible to some extent - through occasional "one-offs"). 

As a small group of volunteers, we simply can't offer an enormous amount of "manpower".  We've found a self-help d-i-y approach has helped us progressively establish our program offerings.

Our emphasis from the beginning has been to focus on our television program-making work - not committee structures. 

We maintain a very small "executive" committee, of course, but we did not wish to be like some community groups which spend a lot of time in power struggles seeking domination of the group. 

We need some "organisation" and "administration" at the centre.  We see this as the "hub" of a wheel with the really important activity taking place around the "rim" - ie with program-making.

We hold occasional meetings, usually for the Production Crew of a particular program or a more general "Production Meeting" covering everything we do.

We regularly run Training Days for our Production Crews covering different aspects of the work.  And in 2010-2011, four of our active members have undergone intensive accredited training at Open Channel in all aspects of television production.

Our Training Co-ordinator, John Campbell, has had an extensive career in filming and editing with both the BBC and the ABC.

Of course, we also hold an annual general meeting (in the second half of each year), usually very brief before we move onto production matters.

How to contact us?  How to join?  Through our email address - MetroCTV@yahoo.com.au

We'd send you a membership form and we'd love to have a chat with you to see how you can best enjoy some production activity.  If you just want to be a supporter member, you receive regular emails and a newsletter.

Our Executive Committee comprises: John Worcester (President and Secretary), Josephine Christensen (Treasurer) and John Campbell (Vice-President and Training Co-ordinator). 

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